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Greece at substantial risk of default, say experts
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Greece is at substantial risk of a default, one of the world’s three leading ratings agencies said on Wednesday, as it downgraded the debt of the struggling eurozone country.

Standard & Poor’s said the drawn out negotiations between Athens and its creditors were damaging the economy and had resulted in a fresh cut in Greece’s credit rating, which is already at junk-bond status.

“Without deep economic reform or further relief, we expect Greece’s debt and other financial commitments will be unsustainable,” said S&P. It cut Greece’s rating to CCC+/C from B-/B, a level it considers puts the country at “substantial risk” of a default.

Interest rates on two-year Greek bonds stand at almost 24%, an indication that investors expect the country either to have its debt burden eased or to default.

The Syriza-led coalition has been at loggerheads with the so-called Troika of the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Union since coming to power in late January. Athens has been told that unless it submits a revised economic plan to Brussels, eurozone finance ministers may decide not to provide Greece with financial help to pay its debts.

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