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Why India is at war with Greenpeace
The Washington Post

India’s environmental war are heating up.

On Thursday, India suspended Greenpeace India’s ability to receive foreign funds and froze its bank accounts on Thursday, the latest in a series of run-ins the global green watchdog has had with the government here in the past five years.

The government said the group had « prejudicially affected the economic interest of the state. »

In recent months, the group has mounted a massive protest to block coal mining project in central India, even as the government is trying kickstart a number of stalled industrial projects across the country. A secret intelligence agency note, leaked to the local media last year, had called the group’s activities a threat to “national economic security.”

An official in the government told the NDTV 24×7 news television on Thursday that Greenpeace had done “very little field work” and had also violated rules about how to spend foreign funds it received.

Pour protéger ses intérêts économiques, l’Inde a gelé les comptes bancaires de Greenpeace et interdit les dons provenant de l’étranger.

Ce serait merveilleux si les politiciens canadiens ou québécois avaient le même courage.

Greenpeace est une organisation dogmatique qui donne plus important aux arbres qu’aux humains, le gouvernement devrait faire tout en son pouvoir pour empoisonner la vie de cette organisation qui appauvrit les Québécois.