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UQAM profs worry student protests ‘threaten university life’
Montreal Gazette

A group of professors at the Université du Québec à Montréal has gone public with a plea calling for an end to the enduring acts of protest and intimidation that have plagued the university in recent years — and which they say threaten UQAM’s future.

Blaming a small minority of militant students, 14 political science professors wrote an open letter outlining continuing acts by a small group of “sometimes masked commandos” who have poisoned the atmosphere on campus with acts of “intimidation, harassment, shoving, vandalism, looting and repeated strikes.”

“These acts threaten university life itself,” says the letter, which goes on to say that the climate of intimidation and harassment must stop, that it impedes learning and makes teaching difficult, has forced the university to spend thousands of dollars on repairs and has made the professors worried for its future.

The letter was published by Le Devoir just as a week of anti-austerity protests are planned for the city and as the militant student organization ASSÉ promises increasing actions to protest the provincial government’s austerity measures. They are calling for a province-wide protest on April 2.

Si c’était des islamistes qui bloquaient le fonctionnement d’une université, est-ce que les autorités auraient fait preuve du même laxisme ?

À Montréal, on a fermé une mosquée sous prétexte qu’un imam était un « agent de radicalisation » et un « fomenteur de tensions sociales »… L’UQAM est devenue un nid pour des « agents de radicalisation » et des « fomenteurs de tensions sociales », on attend quoi pour agir ?