Why the ‘Prius Driving, Composting’ Set Fears Vaccines

Journalist Seth Mnookin’s new book, The Panic Virus: A True Story of Medicine, Science, and Fear, explores the public health scare over vaccines and autism.Mnookin warns of grave consequences. Vaccine rates are falling below the level needed to prevent an outbreak in a growing number of communities, including ones with wealthy, educated populations. Last week, Mnookin spoke with ScienceInsider about why.

Q: There’s a perception that vaccine refusal is especially common among affluent, well-educated, politically liberal parents—is there any truth to that?

S.M.: I think it taps into the organic natural movement in a lot of ways.

I talked to a public health official and asked him what’s the best way to anticipate where there might be higher than normal rates of vaccine noncompliance, and he said take a map and put a pin wherever there’s a Whole Foods. I sort of laughed, and he said, « No, really, I’m not joking. » It’s those communities with the Prius driving, composting, organic food-eating people.

On a beaucoup parlé du mouvement anti-vaccin dans l’actualité américaine depuis une semaine.

Il est important de rappeler que ce dangereux mouvement est surtout composé de gauchistes (anti-capitaliste, anti-pharmaceutique, anti-OGM…).

P.-S. Un « Whole Food » est une épicerie qui ne vend que des aliments bios.