Blue billionaires on top

Democrats spent much of the 2014 campaign castigating Republican big money, but, it turns out, their side actually finished ahead among the biggest donors of 2014 – at least among those whose contributions were disclosed.

The 100 biggest donors of 2014 gave nearly $174 million to Democrats, compared to more than $140 million to Republicans, according to a POLITICO analysis of reports filed with the Federal Election Commission and Internal Revenue Service.

Donors who gave mostly or exclusively to Democrats held down 52 of the top 100 spots, including that of the biggest by far – retired San Francisco hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer, who spent $74 million helping Democratic candidates and groups.

Overall, the 100 biggest campaign donors combined to give $323 million in 2014, according to POLITICO’s analysis. That was almost as much as the $356 million given by the estimated 4.75 million people who gave $200 or less – a comparison that underscores the growing giving power of the ultra-rich in American politics.

Cette nouvelle est intéressante pour deux raisons. Premièrement, on apprend que le parti du 1% c’est le parti démocrate, ce qui contredit complètement le narratif des médias. Deuxièmement, on apprend que l’argent en politique ce n’est pas tout puisque même si le 1% a favorisé le parti démocrate, le parti républicain a remporté une victoire historique en 2014. Encore une fois, les faits contredisent le narratif des médias.