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Tom Steyer gets little payoff for millions spent on green issues
Los Angeles Times

Environmentalists had something in their arsenal for Tuesday’s election they never did before: a billionaire benefactor willing to empty his pockets of tens of millions of dollars to bring climate change to the forefront of political debate and elect candidates committed to fighting global warming.

But California hedge fund titan Tom Steyer’s $74-million bet — most of it from his own wallet — yielded little payoff. On Tuesday, voters elected the most hostile Congress environmentalists have faced in years.

The Republicans who won control are already making plans to roll back President Obama’s signature emission reduction efforts, green-light the controversial Keystone XL pipeline that would transport Canadian tar sands oil to the U.S. Gulf Coast, and cancel subsidies for renewable energy.

Even Steyer’s strategists acknowledge that climate change is not a top-tier issue now. The question is whether it ever will be. Advocates such as Freed say the push seems to be futile, and well-funded green political groups should shift their strategy to more narrowly focused efforts with bipartisan appeal. They might start, he said, by being more open to such GOP-favored options as nuclear energy.

Avez-vous remarqué que lorsqu’il est question d’argent en politique américaine, nos bons médias font immédiatement référence au parti républicain, surtout aux méchants frères Koch

Pourtant, lors des dernières élections de mi-mandat aux États-Unis, ce sont les réchauffistes qui ont dépensé des dizaines de millions pour changer le cours de l’élection. Notez que tous ces millions ont été complètement inutiles puisque les candidats réchauffistes ont mordu la poussière presque partout. Voilà qui confirme ce que j’ai toujours dit, l’argent à lui seul ne fera jamais gagner une élection.

Terminons en disant qu’il est rassurant que les écolos aient été tassés du pouvoir lors de la dernière élection, une excellente nouvelle pour l’économie canadienne.