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Wealthy Hollywood parents aren’t vaccinating their children
San Francisco Chronicle

A Hollywood Reporter article reveals that vaccination rates at Los Angeles daycares, preschools and kindergartens are dropping dramatically as the number of whooping cough cases in the county reaches alarming highs.

Taking a close look at school immunization records submitted to the state, the publication finds that ritzier schools favored by the entertainment-industry elite have the highest numbers of families opting to exempt their kids from shots. It seems those Hollywood stars who freely inject themselves with Botox are refusing to poke their children with life-saving vaccines that are vital to the overall health of a community.

Instead of turning in completed vaccine records to schools, these parents are handing over forms called personal belief exemptions (PBE). U.S. law states that children be properly immunized before attending school, but many states, such as California, allow exemptions for children whose parents have personal belief objections to vaccines. For example, some parents worry that vaccines cause autism so they opt out, even though research shows no connection.

When vaccination rates decline, disease starts to spread and that’s exactly what’s happening among the palm tree-shaded enclaves of West L.A. The United States is experiencing its worst measles outbreak in 20 years with 288 cases being reported in the first five months of the year, and more than half of the cases in California involve unvaccinated children.

Donc, des vedettes qui ont comme passe-temps de sermonner toute personne qui ose émettre le moindre petit doute sur le réchauffement climatique ne font pas vacciner leurs enfants pour des raisons idiotes et viscéralement anti-scientifiques…

Remarquer, la chose ne devrait guère surprendre. Les vedettes sont contre les vaccins, car ceux-ci sont produits par de grosses entreprises pharmaceutiques capitalistes. Nos bonnes vedettes gauchistes détestent le capitalisme (et les vaccins qui viennent avec). D’un autre côté, les vedettes aiment les théories sur le réchauffement, car celles-ci permettent de faire la promotion du dogme socialiste. Nos bonnes vedettes gauchistes aiment le socialisme.