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Washington Pot Stores Open, But Some Activists Aren’t Celebrating
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Douglas Hiatt says he knows where to find good pot. But the pro-legalization activist and defense attorney says you probably won’t find it at Washington state’s first recreational marijuana stores opening Tuesday.

“You’re going to have people selling grams of pot for $25? What, are you kidding me?” Hiatt says. “You can get the best pot you have ever smoked for 10 bucks a gram at a [medical marijuana] dispensary or from someone else who’s going to give you a better deal than the state.”

Nearly two years after the measure passed, the Washington State Liquor Control Board issued 24 retail store licenses Monday. There will eventually be 334 licensed stores. Growers were licensed beginning in March, but only 80 licenses have been issued to a pool of 2,600 applicants. Several marijuana shops plan to open this week in Washington, but supplies are tight and only one store in Seattle will open Tuesday.

“There’s no way they are going to eliminate the black market with something that’s totally unresponsive to a market at all,” Hiatt says. « You’re going to see very quickly the problems when you try to do things Soviet style. When you’re using universally rejected planning economy theory, you’re going to reap disaster. »

Message è Léo Bureau-Blouin: légaliser la marijuana pour en faire un « monopole d’État » est voué à l’échec.