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Swiss Voters Defeat $24.65 Minimum Wage by a Wide Margin
The New York Times

Swiss voters resoundingly rejected on Sunday a proposed minimum wage that would have been the world’s highest, a move widely seen as reflecting an aversion to state intervention in the liberal economic policies that are the bedrock of Switzerland’s prosperity.

Trade unions had sought a minimum hourly wage of 22 Swiss francs, or $24.65, in what they said was an effort to ensure fair salaries for workers in the lowest-paid sectors, such as retailing and personal services. Switzerland has no national minimum wage.

The proposed rate — considerably higher than elsewhere in Europe and more than double the $10.10 President Obama has sought in the United States — found little support in a national referendum, with 76.3 percent opposed, according to initial results released by the government.

Switzerland, as one of the world’s most prosperous countries and home to major international banks and hedge funds, as well as big chemical, pharmaceutical and machinery companies, might seem an unlikely venue for a debate on wage disparity. But unions argued that many people in the lowest-paying sectors of the economy struggled to make ends meet because their wages had not kept up with a cost of living among the highest in the world.

The vote on Sunday showed, however, that most Swiss do not view low wages as a problem, or at least not one that the government should be asked to fix.

En moins d’un an, les Suisse ont dit non à l’imposition d’une limite au salaire des patrons et à la création d’un salaire minimum.

Bref, les Suisses ont dit non à deux mesures prônées par la gogauche populiste et démagogue, car les Suisses ont pris une décision basée sur la raison au lieu de l’émotion. Limiter le salaire des patrons aurait encouragé l’exode des meilleurs et imposer un haut salaire minimum aurait détruit des emplois permettant aux gens d’accéder au marché du travail.

Ce n’est pas un hasard si la Suisse est l’un des pays les plus prospères du monde.