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Clothing the workers: Oil boom creates business for laundries, clothes sales
The Bismarck Tribune

North Dakota’s protective clothing and work-wear industry has a boost from the oil boom. The amount of business has increased one local laundering service’s workload and enticed another to move to the area. Clothing and shoe stores in the area have expanded to carry the gear workers need.

AmeriPride’s Bismarck operation is one of the fastest growing company wide, mostly due to business from the oil and gas industry, Communications Director Ben Saukko said. “Those branches (near an oil field) are growing exponentially more than the company as a whole,” he said.

Washers that can handle between 500 and 1,000 pounds of greasy uniforms, door mats, towels and aprons tumble nearly 24 hours a day at AmeriPride’s plant in south Bismarck.

Looking at the bags, bins and the overhead conveyor belt, one sees lots of coveralls. In the last three years, the oil and gas industry has become a significant part of Ameripride’s customer base, Siebels said. Whenever a customer hires a new employee, AmeriPride takes the employee’s measurements to find a uniform to fit. The company carries fire retardant clothing and other protective gear specifically needed to work in the oil industry.

C’est un petit rappel que la richesse provenant de l’exploitation des ressources naturelles ne vient pas nécessairement, comme on le pense au Québec, de redevances confiscatoires. Les emplois directs et indirects créés par cette industrie représentent la seule vraie richesse associée à l’exploitation des ressources.

Je vous signale en passant que, contrairement au Québec, dans le Dakota du Nord, le gouvernement n’a pas eu besoin de donner plus de 100 millions en subvention pour que l’industrie pétrolière et gazière s’installe.