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Schäuble warns green policies are harming German economy
Financial Times

Germany’s powerful finance minister said on Tuesday that Berlin may have gone too far in its attempts to protect the environment, saying his government must now “rebalance” its policies to ensure environmental regulations do not cost jobs.

Wolfgang Schäuble took issue with claims that the “green economy” will be a major driver of employment, saying Berlin’s decision two years ago to shutter its nuclear power plants and emphasise renewables needed to be re-examined.

“We did it too good and now we have to correct because otherwise we have an increasing of energy costs which will harm jobs in Germany in a serious way in the medium term,” Mr Schäuble said at a forum in Brussels, where he was attending a regular meeting of EU finance ministers. “Therefore, we have to rebalance.”

Before the Brussels announcement, Mr Gabriel warned that Germany has “reached the limit of what we can ask of our economy” in terms of energy prices. But Mr Schäuble’s remarks appeared to go further, suggesting a rolling-back of existing regulations was in order. Last week, the European Commission unveiled a new energy strategy for 2030 that disappointed environmentalists because it lacked binding national targets on how much power EU countries would have to generate from renewable sources.

Même l’Allemagne, souvent citée en exemple par les enverdeurs, recule… Est-ce que les Québécois seront les derniers à accepter de se faire voler par les lubies vertes de politiciens ?