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Climate Protection May Cut World GDP 4% by 2030, UN Says
Bloomberg BusinessWeek

The cost of holding rising temperatures to safe levels may reach 4 percent of economic output by 2030, according to a draft United Nations report designed to influence efforts to draft a global-warming treaty.

The researchers found that all scenarios that stabilize the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere at or below 480 parts per million of carbon dioxide are “likely” to contain the temperature gain to below 2 degrees Celsius. Some scenarios that peak above 530 ppm before coming down to a range of 480 to 530 ppm would also achieve that.

Containing the concentration to 480 ppm “would entail global consumption losses” of 1 percent to 4 percent in 2030. That range would rise to 2 percent to 6 percent in 2050 and then to as much as 12 percent in 2100 when compared with scenarios that don’t involve fighting climate change, according to the document. The current concentration is about 400 ppm.

At the upper end of those ranges, the cost of fighting climate change could outstrip the cost of dealing with the effects of climate change, according to data in the draft of the second installment of the UN report, which hasn’t yet been finalized.

Donc, pour stopper le réchauffement climatique, il faudrait réduire le PIB mondial de 4% d’ici 2030. Cela équivaut à une réduction annuelle du PIB mondial de 0,25% pendant les 16 prochaines années.

À titre indicatif, durant la grande récession, le PIB mondial a reculé de 0,38%. Donc, pour stopper le réchauffement climatique, il faudrait se taper tous les ans, pendant les 16 prochaines années, une récession presque équivalente à celle de 2009 !!! Ces gens sont tout simplement fous, il faut dire que les réchauffistes de l’ONU ont aussi dit que le communisme était notre seul espoir

Somme toute, si réchauffement climatique il y a, le remède semble être bien pire que la maladie !