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Electric Cars Up in Flames
National Review

Electric cars are feeling the heat after a handful of random combustions. Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced it would launch a federal investigation into the Tesla Model S to assess whether the car’s lithium-ion battery pack played any role in recent vehicle fires. Different reports have labeled the car as among the safest on the market, and the company defends its design, but concerns remain.

Tesla isn’t the only electric-car manufacturer whose products have caught on fire; Chevy and Fisker have experienced problems as well. Promoted aggressively by the Obama administration, electric cars have not proven popular with the driving public and are becoming known more for their mishaps and limitations than for their benefits.

Here are six episodes of electric cars catching on fire: Fisker Karma (Texas), Chevy Volt (Wisconsin), Fisker Karma (California), Tesla Model S (Tennessee), Tesla Model S (Washington), Fisker Karma (New Jersey)

Je lis ça et j’anticipe le désastre du projet d’électrification des transports par le PQ…