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Number of North Dakota millionaires jumps
The Bismarck Tribune

The number of people reporting seven-figure incomes in oil-rich North Dakota nearly doubled last year and residents’ average incomes rose 22 percent to an all-time high, boosted by the state’s booming oil economy, state tax officials said.

Tax Department figures released to The Associated Press show a record 1,126 people reported incomes of more than $1 million on their 2012 individual tax returns, up from 634 in 2011. Only 339 so-called income millionaires reported incomes of more than $1 million in 2006, at the dawn of North Dakota’s unprecedented oil boom.

Tax Department records show the average adjusted gross income in the state increased from $60,947 to $74,221 last year. The average adjusted gross income on 2006 returns was about $43,300. Rauschenberger said North Dakota has jumped from 38th in the nation in per capita personal income in 2006 to 6th highest in 2012.

The oil industry has helped boost wages throughout the state and created thousands of high-paying jobs, Rauschenberger said. North Dakota has gone from the nation’s ninth-biggest oil producer in 2006 to the second, behind only Texas. The state has some 22,000 more jobs than takers and the lowest unemployment rate in the nation, at less than 3 percent. It also has an effect on other industries, including wholesale trade and manufacturing, he said.

Grâce aux hydrocarbures de schiste, en un an, le Dakota du Nord a vu son nombre de millionnaires être multiplié par 2 et les revenus moyens ont augmenté de 22%.

Ça aurait pu être le Québec, mais au Québec, nous avons choisi d’être pauvres…