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Higher Electricity Costs Raise Alarm Across Europe
IEEE Spectrum

British government predictions of sharply increased electricity prices in the next decades are getting renewed attention these days, as the country’s opposition leader Ed MIlliband promised to freeze rates if elected prime minister. A March report from the Department of Energy and Climate Change found that with current policies subsidizing green power, electricity costs will rise 33 percent by 2020 and 41 percent by 2030.

In Germany, according to reports issued this month by IHS Inc. in Denver, Colo., green energy developers received $19 billion in subsidies last year, six times the comparable figure for the UK. Germany has pushed low-carbon and renewable energy technology harder than any other European country, with impressive results: Last year it produced 22 percent of its energy from « green » sources, five times as much as twenty years before. But the costs of those green advances have proven to be unsustainably high, from a political point of view.

Across Europe, the cost of electricity to homeowners has increased 17 percent in the last four years, and to industry, 21 percent. How to minimize those costs without giving up the objectives of reducing dependence on fossil fuels and cutting greenhouse gas emissions? it’s rather like squaring the circle.

Et pendant ce temps, les bouffons qui nous gouvernent, au lieu d’apprendre des erreurs de l’Europe, foncent tête baissée dans cette lubie d’énergie verte…