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Colorado finds no floodwater pollution from fracking
The Washington Times

The environmental disaster forecast by anti-fracking activists after last month’s epic Colorado floods didn’t quite materialize.

The results of water samplings conducted Sept. 26 by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment found “no evidence of pollutants from oil and gas spills in rivers and streams affected by flooding,” according to an update released Tuesday.

“Although much attention was focused on spills from oil and gas operations, it is reassuring the sampling shows no evidence of oil and gas pollutants,” said Dr. Larry Wolk, the department’s executive director and chief medical officer. “There were elevated E.coli levels, as we expected, in some locations.”

The department’s findings come days after Environmental Protection AgencyRegion 8 spokesman Matthew Allen told EnergyWire that the flood-related spills were “small compared to the solid waste” from sewage treatment plants.

“What we’ve really seen is this kind of slow trickle of smaller spills, and all are specifically related to the flood,” said Mr. Allen, as reported by Energy in Depth. “It wasn’t user error or improper operations; it all falls in the act-of-God category.”

Pour ceux qui l’ignorent, le Colorado, dirigé par un gouverneur démocrate, est un État qui exploite à fond les gaz de schiste.

Mais au Québec, un ex-gérant d’artistes a décidé que nous n’étions pas assez brillants pour exploiter cette ressource…