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Lac Megantic: Residents told to move to create new downtown
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Last week, many in this group were approached with offers by real estate officials acting on behalf of the companies. Others have received letters in the mail, informing them that they must move or be expropriated.

Bill 57, provincial legislation that was passed last month to promote the town’s quick recovery, allows Lac-Mégantic to force residents from their homes if a deal cannot be struck with the companies. “Citizens no longer have any recourse,” said Sylvie Turcotte, a Fatima resident who last week launched a petition calling for the abolition of the law.

Turcotte has not been forced out, but her son has. The petition — which, as of Tuesday evening had just under 100 signatures — says Fatima residents are aware that some businesses need to be relocated, but “not at the price of losing their homes.”

“We, the citizens of Lac-Mégantic, residents of the Fatima area, refuse to be forced from our residences,” the petition says.

Clean-up of the original downtown continues, with efforts focused on decontaminating the soil. Officials said Tuesday that clean-up efforts are now costing between $4-5 million per week.

Étrangement, on parle peu de ça dans nos médias francophones…

Ce ne serait pas la première fois que des politiciens incompétents profitent d’une crise pour se donner des pouvoirs démesurés… Lac-Mégantic ne fait malheureusement pas exception