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GSK malaria vaccine could be available in three years
The Daily Telegraph

GlaxoSmithKline is ready to take the first step in getting the vaccine to market after promising trial results showing it was effective in protecting children and babies from malaria for up to 18 months. The pharmaceuticals giant plans to submit the vaccine to EU regulators next year, which means, if approved, it could be widely available by 2016.

The World Health Organisation has already indicated that a policy recommendation for the vaccine, the most advanced treatment anywhere in the world by at least 10 years, could be made by 2015 if it clears regulatory hurdles. GSK scientists have spent nearly three decades developing a vaccine against malaria, one of the world’s deadliest diseases.

The vaccine has faced a number of setbacks during final-stage testing, but GSK and its partners believe the treatment has proven effective enough to make a “significant impact” on the health of millions of young children in Africa.

The latest results, unveiled today , show that the vaccine nearly halves the number of malaria cases in children between five and 17 months old for at least 18 months following the initial shot. GSK is running its malaria programme as a non-profit operation, but has not yet disclosed how much it will cost to make the vaccine.

Il y a quelques années, quand il était à la mode de diaboliser les grandes sociétés pharmaceutiques, on trouvait toujours un gauchiste pour dire « les pharmaceutiques sont là uniquement pour le profit; c’est pour cette raison qu’ils ne font rien contre la malaria, une maladie touchant des pays pauvres ». Vous me direz que ce n’est pas la première fois que la gauche se couvre de ridicule et vous aurez raison…

On peut toujours espérer que la gauche se rachète en ne répétant pas sa croisade anti-vaccin.