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Civilians in the Venezuelan militia to add up one million
El Universal

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro stated on Tuesday evening he hoped to increase to 1 million the number of civilians joining the militia aimed at « defending the homeland. »

From a local community to the east of Caracas, Maduro said that « sooner than later the militia will be comprised by one million civilians and, at that moment, all slums will have to be for the militia: with rifles, an organization to defend the homeland (…) not with individual weapons to engage in actions against society, robbing and kidnapping. »

The militias were founded by Venezuelan late President Hugo Chávez as a body to support the Bolivarian National Armed Force. Based on their principles, they are comprised by civilians for the « total defense of the nation. »

The Government refers to the militias as « people in arms, » yet foes have stressed the creation of these groups seeks the militarization of the whole Venezuelan society.

Les États progressistes finissent tous par être des États policiers puisque l’idéologie progressiste doit obligatoirement être imposée par la force aux citoyens…