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NDP drafting new event guidelines after alleged harassment at boozy convention fundraiser
The Ottawa Citizen

The New Democratic Party is working on new protocols for fundraising events after its boozy national convention in April led to a letter of apology to a young female staffer subjected to alleged harassment by a donor who used to be communications director for the late Jack Layton.

In the letter of apology, signed by the NDP’s national director Nathan Rotman and deputy national director Chantal Vallerand, the party officials told the complainant “that concrete steps were taken regarding the incident with the donor in question at the event. Behavior of the nature described to us is not and will not be tolerated in any of our event(s).

The letter of apology, issued in April, also addressed another part of the complaint that young staffers were left in charge of a convention event without any direction after “sloppy drunk” managers left without letting them know.

The NDP’s deputy national director Chantal Vallerand has also confirmed to office colleagues in an email that “a protocol will be developed regarding the logistics and operations of fundraising events, especially at those in which alcohol is being served.

“Such protocol will provide specific guidelines for all staff working at the event,” Vallerand wrote in an email to colleagues. The letter of apology, co-signed by Vallerand, said the new protocol for cocktail fundraisers will “provide clarity and prevent further incident.”