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True cost of Britain’s wind farm industry revealed
The Daily Telegraph

A new analysis of government and industry figures shows that wind turbine owners received £1.2billion (1,9 milliards $) in the form of a consumer subsidy, paid by a supplement on electricity bills last year. They employed 12,000 people, to produce an effective £100,000 (160 000$) subsidy on each job.

The disclosure is potentially embarrassing for the wind industry, which claims it is an economically dynamic sector that creates jobs. It was described by critics as proof the sector was not economically viable, with one calling it evidence of “soft jobs” that depended on the taxpayer.

The subsidy was disclosed in a new analysis of official figures, which showed that The level of support from subsidies in some cases is so high that jobs are effectively supported to the extent of £1.3million each (2,1 millions $). In Scotland, which has 203 onshore wind farms — more than anywhere else in the UK — just 2,235 people are directly employed to work on them despite an annual subsidy of £344million (544 millions $). That works out at £154,000 (245 000$) per job.

L’IEDM a aussi mis en évidence que la filière éolienne était très coûteuse pour les Québécois: 695 millions de dollars par an jusqu’en 2020, pour un grand total de 13,9 milliards de dollars.

Le Québec préfère gaspiller son argent dans l’éolien au lieu de devenir riche avec le schiste… Ce n’est pas un hasard si le Québec est pauvre…