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Colorado Will Tax Pot Up to 25%
Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Colorado became the first U.S. state to pass legislation regulating the retail sale of marijuana and proposing to tax the new industry as much as 25 percent, defying federal law that labels marijuana an illegal substance.

Lawmakers approved bills dictating how the manufacture, sale, distribution, dispensing and testing of retail products may occur; setting a limit on driving while under the influence; and sending an initiative to the ballot this fall that would set an excise tax of up to 15 percent on wholesale sales and a 10 percent sales tax on retail purchases. Total state and local levies could approach 36 percent.

“We need to make sure that the implementation of Amendment 64 does not take away from K-12 education,” said state Senator Cheri Jahn, a Democrat from Wheat Ridge, referring to the constitutional amendment voters approved in November legalizing retail pot sales. “This has to be a self-sustaining program. We don’t want too much tax, but we want just enough.”

The new excise and sales taxes approved by lawmakers must also be approved by Colorado voters in November. If voters don’t approve additional levies, state regulators will be forced to use general-fund money to pay for staff necessary to enforce rules.

On légalise la marijuana en espérant que la fin de la guerre contre la drogue va réduire la taille du gouvernement et l’influence du crime organisé. Ensuite on taxe la marijuana pour augmenter la taille du gouvernement et s’assurer que le crime organiser pourra continuer son trafic.