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Top South Carolina Democrat wants to send Gov. Haley ‘back to wherever the hell she came from’
The Washington Times

A spokesman for South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (Republican) fired back Friday after it was reported the state’s Democratic Party chairman made a snide comment regarding her heritage.

Dick Harpootlian, a longtime Democratic leader, reportedly told a group of Democrats at a dinner that the Democratic challenger would send “Nikki Haley back to wherever the hell she came from,” Yahoo News’ Chris Moody tweeted Friday night.

Mrs. Haley was born in South Carolina to two Indian parents.

“Unfortunately, this seems to be a trend coming from the South Carolina Democratic Party,” Haley spokesman Rob Godfrey told BuzzFeed. “Fortunately, the people of South Carolina are better than Harpootlian and his ilk, and we have faith that they will see right through their consistent attempts to play to the lowest common denominator.”

Si un républicain avait dit à Obama « retourne d’où tu viens », tous les « Richard Hétu » de la planète auraient, avec raison, dénoncé ces propos racistes. Mais là puisque la victime est une républicaine d’origine indienne, silence radio…

Ça me fait penser à Bill Richardson, un autre démocrate, qui a dit en fin de semaine que le sénateur latino-américain Ted Cruz n’était pas un vrai Latino-Américain puisqu’il était un républicain

Il y a toujours eu et il y aura toujours un racisme latent dans le mouvement progressiste…