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France’s Socialist party attacks ‘selfish’ German chancellor
The Guardian

French president François Hollande’s governing Socialist party has delivered a blistering assault on Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, accusing her of causing the single currency crisis that has been tearing Europe apart for more than three years, of acting selfishly and intransigently in her own political and German national interest, and demanding a « showdown » with the « chancellor of austerity ».

The French socialists’ criticisms, in a draft paper on party policy on Europe ahead of a conference in June. The French socialists’ draft paper contends that Europe is being run by a rightwing Anglo-German cabal dominated by liberal free trade interests with the rest of the world and austerity within the EU.

The paper reveals just how bad relations have become between Berlin and Paris, with Germany alarmed at the condition of the French economy and frustrated that Hollande appears unwilling to embark on the kind of radical structural reforms the Germans think are necessary.

La France est comme le Québec et l’Allemagne est comme l’Alberta… Dans les deux cas, l’un essaye de vivre aux dépens de l’autre…