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Reuters joins list of global warming skeptics
National Post

Reuters and its environmental correspondent, Alister Doyle, join the list of newly skeptical global warming journalists, with an article today entitled “Climate scientists struggle to explain warming slowdown.”

Why have global warming models failed to predict that temperatures would stop rising? Doyle makes clear that scientists are all over the map on this and other climate change issues. They are unsure as to whether the pause would be short-lived or not, with theories abounding as to what could be driving the climate, among them that “greenhouse gases trap less heat than previously believed” and that “a combination of factors or some as yet unknown natural variations” may be at play.

Doyle joins other prestigious journalists at The Economist and the London Telegraph who this year for the first time have begun to fundamentally question the supposedly rock-solid science upon which governments have been attempting to reshape society.

Si les médias d’ailleurs se posent des questions, au Québec tout ce qui touche le réchauffement climatique est désormais un dogme…