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Fracking ‘not significant’ cause of earthquakes, says report
The engineer

A study of hundreds of thousands of hydraulic fracturing operations that use a controversial method of extracting shale gas trapped in underground rocks found just three examples where the process has caused tremors on the surface.

The research, led by Durham University, also found the size and number of detected earthquakes caused by fracking was low compared to those caused by other manmade triggers such as mining, geothermal activity or reservoir water storage.

‘In almost all cases, the seismic events caused by hydraulic fracturing have been undetectable other than by geoscientists,’ said Prof Richard Davies from Durham Energy Institute.

‘So we have concluded that hydraulic fracturing is not a significant mechanism for inducing felt earthquakes. It is extremely unlikely that any of us will ever be able to feel an earthquake caused by fracking.’

The Durham study examined all human-induced earthquakes since 1929. Of the three fracking-related quakes felt at the surface, the largest, detected in Canada in 2011, had a magnitude of only 3.8.

Est-ce que vous avez vu cette étude être présentée sur les sites de La Presse ou Radio-Canada ? Parce que dans le passé, ces 2 sites se sont fait un devoir de nous dire que l’exploitation des gaz de schiste causait des tremblements de terre !

Voilà comment les médias font de la propagande au Québec. Ils rapportent une nouvelle pour faire peur au monde et quand on démontre que la nouvelle était fausse, on garde le silence radio.

P.-S. La paternité du savoureux néologisme « Go-schiste » revient à Al-Rider :-)