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The Senate barbershop gets a trim
The Weekly Standard

The barbershop of the U.S. Senate has run deficits of approximately $350,000 a year for each of the last 15 years. So Senate sergeant at arms Terry Gainer has decided to try out a new model, one that has looked rather unfashionable during the Obama era: privatization.

Gainer has tried to trim Senate Hair Care Services for the past few years. Now the political climate troubling everyone else on Capitol Hill is allowing him to move faster than he anticipated towards privatizing it completely.

The sequestration’s required spending cuts provide convenient cover. Gainer is offering early retirement to all eligible employees, hoping to replace them with independent contractors. Four employees have already accepted the offer, and they plan to retire in the next 60 days. Gainer likens these “buyouts” to those that corporations often make. He has no timeline for complete privatization, but is determined to see it through.

Comment un salon de barbier peut-il faire 5 250 000 dollars de déficit en 15 ans… Chose certaine, c’est uniquement possible si le salon de barbier est la propriété du gouvernement.

Pour reprendre les mots de Milton Friedman:

« Si vous donniez la responsabilité de la gestion du Sahara à un gouvernement, au bout de 5 ans il y aurait une pénurie de sable »