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Family Research Council shooter pleads guilty to three felonies
The Washington Post

The shooter of an unarmed security guard at the Family Research Council headquarters last summer was on a mission to target organizations he viewed as anti-gay, and he obtained a gun days before he tried to carry out a plan to kill “as many people as possible,” according to newly disclosed court documents.

New details about Floyd Lee Corkins II emerged Wednesday in federal court, where he admitted to the politically motivated shooting at the conservative think tank in downtown Washington. Corkins, 28, pleaded guilty to three felony charges: a federal charge of transporting a firearm and ammunition across state lines and D.C. charges of assault with intent to kill and committing an act of terrorism while armed.

A detail sure to reignite the culture wars that erupted around the shooting is the fact that Corkins told FBI agents that he identified the Family Research Council as anti-gay on the Web site of the Southern Poverty Law Center. The day after the shooting, Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, suggested that the center’s labeling of the organization as a hate group had given Corkins a “license to perpetrate this act of violence.” On Wednesday, Perkins said the revelation had validated his earlier comments.

Pourquoi je vous parle de cette nouvelle qui date déjà de quelques semaines ? Parce qu’hier sur le site de La Presse, un article fait état d’une recherche du Southern Poverty Law Center qui affirme que le nombre de milices de droite est en hausse aux États-Unis.

S’il n’existe pas d’exemples de milice de droite qui s’est pointée dans un « think tank » de gauche pour tuer des gens, il existe au moins un exemple où le Southern Poverty Law Center a incité un gauchiste à aller tuer des gens dans un « think tank » de droite.

Conclusion, à la place du Southern Poverty Law Center, je me garderais une petite gêne…