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Shale revolution accelerating and affecting all US regions
Oil & Gas Financial Journal

A new study from Turner, Mason & Company states that, “More than at any time in recent history, developments in the US oil patch, driven by shale exploration via fracturing, are changing the entire fabric of the domestic petroleum business and having an increasingly positive effect on US import/export balances.”

The growth in crude oil supplies from US tight oil areas is faster than projected even one year ago, and these developments are driving refining margins and strategies more than anything else, according the report from Dallas-based TM&C. Crude oil movements by rail are trying to keep up while pipeline projects are being planned or delayed by governmental reviews with new rail and terminal projects being hatched almost every month.

“The new shale revolution is now affecting refineries and eventually prices and margins of petroleum products in all US regions,” noted TM&C President, Mike Leger. “Refiners in virtually all US regions will soon have at least some access to price advantaged North American crudes.”

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