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Perry won’t budge off opposition to Medicaid expansion
The Houston Chronicle

Gov. Rick Perry refused to budge from his opposition to expanding Medicaid to more poor Texans Thursday, a day after Florida’s governor reversed course and joined a growing number of Republican critics embracing the program.

Perry’s office said his position remains unchanged, and would outline no plan beyond his support for a federal « block grant » that would allow Texas to use the money as it sees fit. Federal officials said Thursday such grants are not an option under President Barack Obama.

« The governor has repeatedly said Texas, not Washington, knows best how to take care of Texans, » said Josh Havens, a spokesman for Perry. « Texas should be able to implement policy and practices without having to ask for the federal government’s approval every time. That’s what we mean by flexibility. »

Medicaid expansion would add 1.8 million people to the program in Texas, provide $100 billion in federal funding over 10 years and require the state put up $15.5 billion in that time, most of it in the latter part of the decade. Texas already spends a quarter of its budget on Medicaid, which now enrolls 3.5 million people.

Rick Perry refuse l’argent du gouvernement fédéral pour financer son système de santé car il considère que c’est une compétence des états. Ce refus qui va lui coûter 100 millions milliards de dollars.

Au Québec, les péquistes se plaignent de ne pas recevoir assez d’argent du gouvernement fédéral pour financer le système de santé…

Conclusion: si Rick Perry est un vrai souverainiste, les péquistes ne sont que des braillards qui prétendent être des souverainistes.