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German Green Energy Push Bites Hand That Feeds Economy
Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Worlee-Chemie GmbH, a family-owned company that has produced resins in the city of Hamburg for almost a century, is trying to escape the spiraling cost of Germany’s shift to renewable energy. A 47% increase on Jan. 1 in the fees grid operators set to fund wind and solar investments is driving the maker of paint ingredients to Turkey, where next month it will start making a new type of hardening agent at a factory near Istanbul.

The levy will cost Worlee 465,000 euros ($620,000), the equivalent of 10 full-time salaries, or one-third of the company’s tax bill. As German labor costs rise at the fastest pace in a decade, the price of weaning the country off nuclear energy by 2022 is crushing the so-called Mittelstand, the three million small and medium-sized businesses that account for about half of gross domestic product.

The extra charges are widening a gap between Germany and the rest of the world. The electricity cost for industry was 20% higher than the European Union average at the end of 2011. Germany now pays twice as much for energy as the U.S., partly because of cheaper shale gas there but also because of lower surcharges and taxes.

Les gauchistes ont toujours dit que les énergies vertes, c’était l’économie du futur. Aujourd’hui, on apprend que le coût associé aux énergies vertes pourrait contribuer à faire entrer l’Allemagne en récession…

Et pendant ce temps, les idéologues péquistes dépensent des milliards en éoliennes pour de l’électricité invendable…

Les énergies vertes, un autre piège à con des politiciens rendu possible en exploitant les émotions des électeurs.