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Ohio shale jobs
The Columbus Dispatch

A new state report shows Utica shale has started bringing good-paying jobs to Ohio.

Employment in core shale industries, such as pipeline construction and well drilling, increased 17 percent from the first quarter of 2011 to the first quarter of 2012. Employment in ancillary shale industries such as freight trucking and environmental consulting increased 3 percent over the same period, according the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services report.

Overall, the shale industry added nearly 6,000 jobs during that time.

The average salary in core shale industries was $73,934 while the average salary in ancillary industries was $58,765.

“The growing oil and gas industry holds great economic potential for Ohio,” said Job and Family Services Director Michael Colbert. “This report provides individuals, businesses and community leaders with important information that can help guide economic development decisions and career choices.”

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