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Texas Gov. Rick Perry: Give excess tax money back to people
The Washington Post

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) on Tuesday called for returning excess tax money to taxpayers and tapping the state’s rainy-day fund for water and transportation infrastructure.

Perry, 62, the longest-serving governor in the nation at just over 12 years, called for changing the constitution of the state, the nation’s second most populous, to allow the return of tax money to the people who paid it when the state brings in more than needed.

“We’ve never bought into the notion that if you collect more, you need to spend more,” Perry said in his state of the state address, which he delivered to a joint session of the Texas House and Senate. He also suggested providing at least $1.8 billion in “tax relief”.

Perry has urged lawmakers to resist pressure to spend money freely despite a state forecast of a 12.4 percent increase in revenue available for the 2014-2015 bud­get compared with the previous two-year budget.

Ce n’est pas au Québec qu’on risque de voir ça…

P.-S.: Si Rick Perry est un républicrétin, quel terme reste-t-il pour qualifier la performance des politiciens québécois ?