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Communist Party opposes project on shale gas production in Ukraine
Kyiv Post

The Communist Party of Ukraine has opposed the project on shale gas extraction in the country, said Party Leader Petro Symonenko.

« We firmly oppose the project. Instead of economic independence, as the power assures, ecological and economic damages will be made, » he said at a press conference in Kyiv.

In addition, he said the Communist Party demands the profile minister report to the parliament on the environmental impact of shale gas production, as well as independent environmental experts be involved in the discussion and the evaluation of the project. According to him, it is unreasonable to construct an LNG terminal for liquefied gas.

The Communist Party leader expressed confidence that Ukraine’s joining the Customs Union would help it solve the gas problem. « We should be attentive to cooperation with Russia in the gas sector and other fields. Today we urgently need to make decision on joining the Customs Union. We should understand where there is the way to solving the current problems, » said Symonenko.

Finalement l’Ukraine c’est un peu beaucoup comme le Québec. Sauf qu’en Ukraine, les gens opposés au gaz de schiste n’essaient pas de se faire passer pour des écolos, ils se déclarent ouvertement communistes…