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Argentine president faces nationwide strike as breakaway unions bemoan income taxes, inflation
The Washington Post

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez faced a nationwide strike on Tuesday, led by the union bosses who used to be her most steadfast supporters.

The strike was called as a political show of force by truckers union boss Pablo Moyano, the longtime leader of Argentina’s vast General Workers’ Federation. As his strikers tried to snarl traffic on Tuesday, Moyano said their demands include “the total elimination of income taxes,” as well as other new salary hikes and benefits.

Most union workers won pay hikes of 25 percent or more this year, in line with what private analysts say is Argentina’s true annual inflation rate. For most, those pay hikes put them over the threshold to begin paying income taxes, something many lower-paid workers never had to do before. Tax rates then rise from zero to 35 percent, with most workers losing about a fourth of their take-home pay to income taxes.

“The government should stop robbing workers with the income tax,” said the Workers’ Party leader Nestor Pitrola.

Des syndicalistes qui font la grève après avoir reçu une augmentation de salaire qui les obligerait à payer de l’impôt pour la toute première fois de leur vie. Vous avez bien lu, des syndicalistes qui déclarent une grève générale en disant que l’impôt c’est du vol !

Et pendant ce temps, Paul Krugman, l’idiot du village au New York Times, disait en mai 2012 que l’Argentine était un modèle de développement économique. L’inflation est à 25% en Argentine…