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Blast from the past: PQ demands more cash from Ottawa
Edmonton Journal

The new Parti Quebecois government is promising to pick a fight with Ottawa over federal payments, arguing the province is on track to be shortchanged by $15 billion.

In tabling its budget Tuesday, the pro-independence party blamed unilateral decisions by the federal government in recent years for hampering Quebec’s efforts to balance its books. Finance Minister Nicolas Marceau indicated the sovereigntist PQ would be more aggressive than Quebec’s former federalist government in pushing Ottawa to loosen its purse strings.

« The views we are expressing regarding federal transfers are fairly similar to those expressed by the past government — except that, and this is a key difference, we are saying it loud, » Marceau told a news conference. « We will be loud and clear about it. »

The effort is in some ways a throwback to the PQ’s last stint in power, a decade ago. In his speech, Marceau said Quebec, Canada’s most indebted province, has suffered from the Harper government’s steps to cap the equalization program and federal health transfers.

Le PQ fait vraiment tout en son pouvoir pour avoir l’air d’une grosse joke…