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Quebec couple says paramedic refused to speak English during toddler’s seizure
National Post

A Quebec couple are alleging that an ambulance paramedic was making a political statement by refusing to speak to them in English while their two-year-old daughter suffered a seizure.

Mark Bergeron, a resident of Vaudreuil-Dorion, Que., called 911 as his daughter slipped into unconsciousness during a seizure last Saturday night.

Although Mr. Bergeron speaks French, when a paramedic arrived he asked if they could have the conversation in English.

“No. Me, I speak French,” responded the paramedic, according to CTV Montreal. “To have to experience something like this, especially with a two-year-old daughter in danger, is unacceptable,” Mr. Bergeron told Global TV.

As in much of the country, Quebec paramedics are not required to be bilingual, and it is not known whether the paramedic was even capable of speaking to the couple in English.

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