19 octobre 2012

Éloge de la richesse Économie En Citations États-Unis Philosophie

How Rich People Think

Extrait de l’essai How Rich People Think de l’auteur Steve Siebold:

« Their personality styles vary: Some are introverts, some are extroverts. But their belief systems around money are the same. They all have a really positive relationship with money. They think about money in terms of freedom, as opposed to the negative relationship a lot of people have with money.

Most people think the rich got lucky. People think their money wasn’t earned by hard work and strategic, calculated thinking, which is not the truth for most people. There are crooks in every income category, but in my experience, there’s no more on the rich side than the poor side.

But it’s interesting how the self-made rich are a really hated group. They’re discriminated against, even in the wealthiest country of the world. I think it’s really sad. I think we should celebrate these people. There’s a tendency to demonize them, which I think is just crazy. »

19 octobre 2012

Un « plan mâle » ? Économie En Chiffres Québec

Vu en une du prestigieux et respectable Devoir hier…

Le Devoir

Moi je pose la question suivante: et si le Québec avait besoin d’un « plan mâle » ?

Plan Nord Québec

Depuis le début des années 90, le taux de chômage chez les hommes est systématiquement plus élevé que chez les femmes.  Lors de la dernière récession (2008-2009), si le taux de chômage chez les femmes est restés relativement inchangé, celui chez les hommes a explosé…

Le « plan nord » un « plan mâle » ?  Et si c’était une bonne chose…

Statistique Canada
Tableau 282-0087

19 octobre 2012

Gaz de schiste: des milliards en Alberta ! Canada Économie Environnement Revue de presse

National Post

Alberta: Exxon expands into Canadian shale with bid for Celtic
National Post

Exxon Mobil Corp., the world’s largest energy company, agreed to buy Celtic Exploration Ltd. for $2.86 billion in cash and stock, adding production in Canada’s Montney and Duvernay shale.

Celtic’s shareholders will receive $24.50 a share and half a share of a new company that will hold assets not included in the agreement, Calgary-based Celtic said Wednesday in a statement. The cash value per-share represents a 35% premium to Celtic’s closing price Tuesday.

The purchase is the largest by Exxon Mobil since the $34.8 billion takeover of XTO Energy in June 2010. It includes 545,000 net acres in the Montney shale and 104,000 acres in the Duvernay, fields where oil and gas are extracted by horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, so-called unconventional operations that were XTO’s specialty.

Exxon Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Rex Tillerson spent almost $40 billion during the past 28 months acquiring shale fields and the expertise to harvest them, including last month’s $2 billion agreement to buy drilling rights in North Dakota and Montana from Denbury Resources Inc.

Les milliards d’Exxon ne se retrouveront jamais dans une compagnie installée au Québec… M’enfin, il y a probablement une masse critique d’idiots au Québec qui croient que c’est une bonne chose…