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Shale gas could boost other industries
USA Today

The shale-gas boom could cut costs significantly for the chemical industry and ultimately benefit the apparel, electronics, machinery and other industries, according to a new report.

The report by PricewaterhouseCoopers US suggests cheap natural-gas liquids could even prompt some companies to move production back to the United States.

Shale gas already has spurred an estimated $15 billion in new investments in Texas chemical plants, according to Hector Rivera, president and CEO of the Texas Chemical Council.

“Here in the United States, it has been a game-changer and has created an opportunity for a lot of companies to make new investments in the United States, as opposed to overseas markets where natural gas has historically been cheaper over the last 10 or 15?years,” he said.

The report, Shale Gas: Reshaping the U.S. Chemicals Industry, followed an earlier PricewaterhouseCoopers report that estimated shale gas could cut raw-material and energy costs for U.S. manufacturing by as much as $11.6?billion annually by 2025.

Anecdote amusante.

Si la construction d’une usine d’engrais est actuellement prévue à Bécancour, c’est à cause de la proximité d’un gazoduc, car le processus industriel demande grande quantité de gaz naturel.

Le PQ a dit que cette usine d’engrais va remplacer une partie des emplois de Gentilly-2.

Si Gentilly-2 n’émettait aucun gaz à effet de serre, les usines de production d’engrais font partie des industries qui produisent le plus de gaz à effet de serre.

Quand les zélotes vertes du PQ vont apprendre, ils risquent de ne pas aimer !

M’enfin, retenons que le moratoire péquiste sur le gaz de schiste aura pour effet de faire du Québec une province encore plus pauvre…