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Pennsylvania governor attacks anti-drilling activists
The Akron Beacon Journal

Gov. Tom Corbett today attacked anti-drilling activists as the « unreasoning opposition » who accept the nation can land a space vehicle on Mars but don’t believe energy companies can safely harvest gas a mile under the earth’s surface. Corbett, speaking Thursday at a Marcellus Shale industry conference in Philadelphia, touted the economic benefits of shale-gas development and hailed drillers as the « tip of the spear » of a new industrial revolution.

« After all the predictions of disaster and the fearful warnings from people with no understanding of the industry, Pennsylvania is reaping a bounty, » said the Republican governor. « Marcellus has reached into some very old corners of our economy and our state and brought them back to life. »

Corbett said the drillers are here to stay. He said shale gas has already spurred a nascent recovery in Pennsylvania’s manufacturing sector, pointing to Shell’s proposed multibillion-dollar petrochemical plant in western Pennsylvania and a recent deal to prevent a Philadelphia refinery from closing in part by expanding the use of gas from the Marcellus formation, which holds the nation’s largest reservoir of gas.

Pendant ce temps au Québec nous avons des ministres réactionnaires qui ont promis d’interdire l’Exploration et l’exploitation des gaz de schiste et ce peu importe le résultat des études. Un dogmatisme qui a pour conséquence de contribuer à appauvrir le Québec. Pendant ce temps en Pennsylvanie, cette industrie relance l’économie…

En passant dans cet article, on apprend que Shell va ouvrir un gigantesque complexe pétrochimique en Pennsylvanie. Au Québec, Shell a fermé sa raffinerie et vendu ses stations-service il y a quelques semaines.

Pauvre Québec…