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People want smaller government — and they think Mitt Romney does too
The Washington Post

Mitt Romney will accept the Republican presidential nomination this week not only with a significant advantage in campaign cash but also a philosophical leg up on President Obama: Most Americans in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll want a shrunken federal government, and most believe Romney wants that too.

The debate isn’t even close. Nearly six in 10 registered voters pick a “smaller government with fewer services” while just over a third want a “larger government with more services.” Support for “smaller government” is up significantly in recent years, and marks a pivotal issue where voters view Obama as far out of step with public opinion. Nearly three quarters of voters believe Obama wants a bigger government, while almost as many say Romney wants a smaller federal government.

Romney wins the majority of voters who want a smaller government – seeing him as closer to their views – while Obama wins a majority of those who prefer bigger government. But overall, voters split near evenly in their support for president – 47 percent for Romney and 46 percent for Obama – a reflection of the fact that Obama peels off nearly three in 10 “small government” voters while Romney wins support among only two in 10 “larger government voters.

Lors de leur élection, les Américains, contrairement aux Québécois, auront la chance de débattre du rôle de leur gouvernement dans l’économie et dans leur vie…