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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ depicts the depravity inherent in radical movements
The Wall Street Journal

The movie is a bold apologia for free-market capitalism; a graphic depiction of the tyranny and violence inherent in every radical leftist movement from the French Revolution to Occupy Wall Street; and a tribute to those who find redemption in the harsh circumstances of their lives rather than allow those circumstances to mire them in resentment.

After Bane’s revolution has destroyed the investment class with mob violence and show trials and thus plunged Gotham City into chaos, Catwoman and her fellow thief enter a ransacked house. « This used to be someone’s home, » mourns Catwoman, her conscience awakening. « Now it’s everyone’s home! » exults her unrepentant colleague, gloating over the ruin.

The world of the film is our world, and the direct opposite of the world imagined into being by our intelligentsia. Here, free markets and investments, while creating super-wealthy men like the philanthropist hero Bruce Wayne, also create a rising tide of money that lifts the rest of us. Meanwhile, the forcible redistribution of private property is identified as theft, the forerunner of disorder and despotism.

Free markets lift us all. People’s « revolutions » inevitably result in tyranny. Forgiveness and self-betterment redeem society while embittered extortions in the name of « social justice » poison it. None of these simple truths is hidden in the film.

Ceux qui ont vu le film auront sans doute réalisé que le discours de Bane pourrait bien être celui des carrés rouges…