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Shale gas to put South Australia on front foot as global energy superpower
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THE biggest oil and gas industry conference in the southern hemisphere will today hear how is going to « play a major role in Australia’s emergence as a global energy superpower ».

While much of the local focus has been on SA’s role as an emerging uranium powerhouse, the four-day Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association conference will hear how Australia and SA are set to benefit from predictions global energy demand will increase by a third in the next 25 years.

APPEA chief executive David Byers said US experiences indicated SA’s next big growth story may lie in shale gas.

« Natural gas from shale is now the fastest-growing contributor to total primary energy in the US. Only a few years ago, the US was planning to import gas from other countries but now it is building major liquified natural gas terminals to export its oversupply of shale gas.

Mais au Québec, on n’a pas besoin du gaz de schiste…