Los Angeles Times

5 in Cleveland charged with planning to blow up bridge on May Day
Los Angeles Times

Five men who called themselves anarchists were preparing to commemorate May Day, the international workers holiday, by taking violent political action.

They planted what they thought were demolition charges on a bridge crossing the Cuyahoga Valley National Park south of downtown Cleveland and drove to a spot several miles away. There, they punched in the code that they thought would detonate the explosives, federal officials allege. But nothing happened.

Instead, law enforcement officers from a variety of agencies including the FBI arrested the five Monday night, charging them with conspiracy and trying to bomb property used in interstate commerce. The public was never in danger, federal officials said. According to the complaint filed with the court, officers had been watching the group for months. The explosives were nonoperational and always under the control of federal officials.

The suspects were connected to the Occupy Cleveland movement, though the group is not mentioned by name in the complaint. Some of the suspects had attended an Occupy demonstration on Oct. 21 on Cleveland’s Public Square.

Quand c’est le temps d’imaginer des menaces venant de mystérieuses milices de droite, les médias sont toujours fidèles au poste, pensons à Richard Hétu. Mais quand c’est le temps de rapporter un véritable acte de terrorisme de la part d’un groupe de gauchistes, c’est le silence radio…