Winnipeg Free Press

Rich immigrants ditching Quebec: Moving to B.C. after being accepted
Winnipeg Free Press

Nine out of 10 wealthy immigrants accepted into Quebec’s investor immigrant program never come to Quebec, federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Friday.

« I do think it is peculiar that the province that was given power to select immigrants primarily to reinforce the French fact in Quebec is in fact flipping Asian people into Vancouver, » Kenney said during a meeting with the Montreal Gazette editorial board.

« In principle, the Quebec immigration program should be about immigration to Quebec. »

« People in Vancouver are always asking me, ‘Why are we facilitating this, because it is leading to inflation of real estate prices?’ Which is great if you are well-established and you have paid down your mortgage. But if you are a young family starting out, good luck being able to afford a house in Vancouver. A lot of people who aren’t rooted in Vancouver are inflating the costs. »

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