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Greek police to offer ‘cop for hire’
The Daily Telegraph

Greek police are offering a 30 euro (£25) per hour « cop-for-hire » scheme for private companies or citizens seeking protection at special events, in a bid to raise money.

Police said the service was provided only under special circumstances, such as cases of high-security risk, and that revenues would be used to fund police equipment and boost the state budget.

Hiring a police officer for an hour costs 30 euros, according to the law, which has entered into force. A police vehicle escort, for example for the transfer of art works or other sensitive material, will cost an additional 40 euros per hour and a motorcycle escort 20 euros.

For larger-scale operations, police patrol boats can be hired for 200 euros and helicopters for an hourly 1,500-euro fee.

Along with other public sector workers, Greece’s 55,000 police officers have suffered wage cuts and layoffs amid austerity measures imposed by international lenders in exchange for financial aid.

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