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PA arrests another reporter over Facebook post
The Jerusalem Post

Palestinian Authority security forces in the West Bank Sunday night arrested another Palestinian journalist for posting a critical comment on Facebook.

Agents belonging to the PA’s Preventive Security Service in Ramallah arrested Tarek Khamis, who works for the Palestinian Zaman Press news agency, for criticizing the PA’s current clampdown on Palestinian journalists in the West Bank, a Palestinian journalist told The Jerusalem Post.

He said that Khamis was taken into custody after he wrote a comment that referred specifically to the recent arrest of female journalist and blogger Esmat Abdel Khalik.

She was arrested last week after she posted derogatory remarks about PA President Mahmoud Abbas on her Facebook page.

A third journalist, Youssef Al-Shayeb, was also arrested last week for exposing corruption in the Palestinian diplomatic mission in France.

Personne ne se surprendra de constater que les journalistes d’ici préfèrent accuser Harper de leur faire la guerre plutôt que de rapporter ce genre de nouvelles…