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Poll: Wildrose continues wild rise
Le Journal de Montréal

Wildrose Party popularity continues to bloom, suggests a new Abacus Data poll conducted for Sun News Network.

The Abacus poll finds the Wildrose has skipped ahead of the PC Party, now leading by 13 percentage points. Compared to a similar Abacus poll in early March, the Wildrose is up 12 percentage points while the Tory party is down six percent.

Provincewide, Wildrose has the support of 41% of decided voters, followed by the PCs at 28%, the Liberals at 16% and the NDP 12%.

Of those decided voters supporting the PCs, 90% said the party is headed in the right direction while 9% said the party is on the wrong track. Of those supporting the Wildrose, 10% said the PC party is headed in the right direction while 88% said the Tories are off track.

Plusieurs ont souligné que le dernier budget conservateur a initié un changement de culture politique à Ottawa. L’élection du Wildrose Alliance, qui s’oppose fermement au maintien du programme de péréquation dans sa forme actuelle, pourrait être un catalyseur de changement encore plus grand pour le pays !