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French parents to boycott homework
The Guardian

A group of French parents and teachers have called for a two-week boycott of homework in schools, saying it is useless, tiring and reinforces inequalities between children.

They say homework pushes the responsibility for learning on parents and causes rows between themselves and their children. And they conclude children would be better off reading a book.

« If the child hasn’t succeeded in doing the exercise at school, I don’t see how they’re going to succeed at home, » said Jean-Jacques Hazan, the president of the FCPE, the main French parents’ association, which represents parents and pupils in most of France’s educational establishments.

« In fact, we’re asking parents to do the work that should be done in lessons. »

Catherine Chabrun, president of the teachers’ organisation Co-operative Institute of Modern Schools (ICEM), says homework also reinforces inequalities.

« Not all families have the time or the necessary knowledge to help their offspring, » she said.

Il est stupide pour les étudiants québécois de boycotter leurs cours pour se priver de connaissances, mais au moins ils sont les seules victimes de leur boycott. En France, quand des parents trop paresseux décident de boycotter les devoirs de leurs enfants, ils ne sont pas les victimes de leur geste puisque c’est leurs enfants qui devront, éventuellement, en payer le prix.