Obama polls: An up-and-down roller coaster

The polls go up and the polls go down but all of them illuminate the same static reality: Barack Obama probably can’t win if the 2012 election is strictly a referendum on Barack Obama.

The latest curb on Obama’s enthusiasm comes after six weeks of generally good economic and electoral news — several key polls show his job approval falling back underwater. Dissatisfaction with his handling of the economy is up, rising to a new high, thanks in great measure to a nasty spike in gas prices and months of accumulated attacks by the GOP presidential field.

It’s a consistent pattern. Obama is a president who can’t seem to stay above 50 percent — after three-plus years at the helm, after navigating a score of world-shaking crises, his week-to-week popularity remains fluid in the capricious churn of the economic news cycle.

And while Obama’s regained a bit of his swagger recently, his campaign in Chicago is a team of worriers full of insecurity about their candidate’s standing (if not the ultimate outcome of the election).

Pourtant j’aurais cru qu’avec la faiblesse des candidats républicains et le parti pris des médias, la réélection d’Obama était déjà dans le sac…